Ecotourism in Belize

At a time when other Caribbean countries have a hard time practicing responsible nature preservation, Belize has become a pioneer in ecotourism.

Belize worked hard to integrate its tourism sector into a preserved natural environment and wildlife.

Even before it declared independence from Great-Britain in 1981, it adopted durability practices to preserve the natural integrity of its territory.

Even though it’s a small country, no other country can brag about having a larger percentage of its land devoted to nature reserve, parks and reservations.

Toledo district at the extreme South of Belize lead the way in the 1980s by encouraging the inhabitants to build with renewable and durable materials. People were educated to protect nature.

Belize’s government works with several international organizations to help protect its treasures.

A great number of hotels and lodges encourage foreign visitors to use “green” alternatives.

Eco Lodges appeared all over the country, using filtered rain water, solar energy, and other green energy systems.

BELIZEAN TRAVEL is committed to ethical tourism far away from the masses and offers responsible trips that respect natural environments. We work with providers that share the same ethos, that is an eco-friendly way of traveling that lasts through time.


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