From South to the Cayes

From South to the Cayes Circuit

A discovery itinerary for all those who wish to rub shoulders with the descendants of the Maya and see nature in its raw and untamed state in a “forgotten land”, without forgetting the blue of the Caribbean Sea.

  10 Days / 9 Nights

From : $2640 /pers (off flight)

Program of the Circuit From South to the Cayes


  • Day 1 : Belize City – Burrell Boom
  • Day 2 : Burrell Boom – Punta Gorda
  • Day 3 : Punta Gorda
  • Day 4 : Punta Gorda
  • Day 5 : Punta Gorda
  • Day 6 : Punta Gorda – Ambergris Caye
  • Day 7 : Ambergris Caye
  • Day 8 : Ambergris Caye
  • Day 9 : Ambergris Caye – Caye Caulker
  • Day 10 : Ambergris Caye – Belize City

You will like it / Strong Points

  • Visite Visit of the archaeological ruins
  • Visit to a chocolate farm
  • Visit to a spice & botanical farm
  • Excursion to the cellars
  • Excursion to Hol Chan Reserve and Shark Ray Alley
  • Excursion to the Great Blue Hole
  • Charming accommodations
  •  Day 1 : Heading to Burrell Boom

Upon arrival at Belize City International Airport, you will be warmly greeted by the driver and transferred by car to an environment surrounded by rainforest on the banks of the Belize River.

On place, you will discover this environmentally friendly resort standing on the banks of the famous Belize River. It offers a relaxed setting where you can enjoy its peacefulness throughout your stay.

Meals included : dinner
Transfer to the resort
Distance : 17 km / Time : 30mn
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel


  • Day 2 : Heading to Punta Gorda

After breakfast, you will leave your resort on a shuttle to the southernmost part of Belize, the region of Toledo called the ‘forgotten land’. Countless villages spread out around the town of Punta Gorda, mostly populated by Mayan people from the East Indies.

A 5 hour drive to Punta Gorda. You will take the Hummingbird Highway, a road lined with citrus trees, lush split forests and rolling landscapes.

Get your cameras ready.

Arrival in the afternoon at your hotel, where you will get your key and take the time to settle in your room.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Free Dinner
Transfer by Shuttle
Distance : 310 km / Time : 5h
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel


  • Day 3 : Visit the village of San Pedro Colombia – Lubantun site, a chocolate farm at sunset

After breakfast, you will start the day with a visit to the site of Lubantun – “the place of fallen stones”, one of the most important ceremonial centers in the region. It is renowned for its unusual and highly refined building style in the Mayan world. An abundance of relics and tombs found here, including the famous crystal skull discovered in 1926 by Anna Mitchel-Hedges, daughter of archaeologist Fredrick Mitchel.

Then, after lunch, you will go to an ecological chocolate farm where you can enjoy the sunset on the top of the hill. A traditional Mayan Cacao farm that makes chocolate in its original way. The bean was so prized by the ancient Mayans that it was used as currency.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Free Dinner
Activity included: pick up from your hotel
What to bring: Pants, long hiking shirts, tennis shoes, mosquito repellent
Distance : 30 km / Time : 35mn
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel


  • Day 4 : Excursion à Blue Creek Cave et descente de la rivière Aguacate en tubing

After breakfast, you will explore Blue Creek Cave nestled in a cool shady hillside, an adventurous and invigorating visit that combines nature hiking, swimming and Mayan history. In this cave, numerous late Classic Mayan ceramics have been discovered, as well as an altar. Archaeologists believe that the cave was used specifically for ceremonies.

After lunch, you will head to the beautiful Aguacate River located in the Mayan Mountains of southern Belize. Here the river is flanked by karst topography, river figs, thorny bamboo and lush rainforest, giving you the opportunity to identify wildlife lurking ahead, above the trees or under your buoy.

So, comfortably installed in your buoy, let yourself live an eternal travel experience by keeping every picturesque moment that mother nature reveals to you.


Meals included: breakfast; lunch
Free Dinner
Day activity: pick up from your hotel
What to bring: Pants, long hiking shirts, tennis shoes or hiking shoes. Mosquito repellent, bathing suit, towel
Distance : 30km / Time : 35mn
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel

  • Day 5 : Spice Farm & Botanical Tour – Nim Li Punit Archaeological Site

In the morning, you will have a unique and educational experience, opening the window to the world of spices in Central America and around the world, where you will be able to see, touch and smell many spices with the addition of flowering arches, a water garden and orchards aboard a cart.

In the afternoon, you will visit the archaeological site of Nim Li Punit, named after an engraving on the longest of the site’s twenty-six stelae, depicting a figure wearing a large headdress. The strategic location of the site, between the mountains and the coast, allowed the inhabitants of the ancient cities to trade and maintain a political and religious presence in the other cities of southern Belize.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch
Free Dinner
Day activity: pick up from your hotel
What to bring: Pants, long hiking shirts, tennis shoes or hiking shoes. Anti-mosquito product
Distance : 35 km / Time : 35mn
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel

  • Day 6 : Heading to San Pedro ‘LA ISLA BONITA

After your breakfast, the driver will be waiting for you and will drive you to the airport of Placencia to board a domestic plane in direction of your next stop; Ambergris Caye, also known as San Pedro, an old fishermen village, lost in the middle of the Caribbean. Its calm and paradisiacal scenery inspired Madonna in 1986 for her famous song La Isla Bonita.

Meals included: breakfast
Free lunch and dinner
Road & air transfer
Distance Punta Gorda – Placencia : 160km / Shuttle time : 2h20
Flight time: 1h10 Placencia – Belize City – San Pedro
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel


  • Day 7 : Excursion to Hol Chan Reserve / Shark Ray Alley

In the morning exploration of the coral reef.

Snorkeling in the heart of a real aquarium with turtles, parrot fish and nurse sharks. Located 6km south of the coast of Ambergris Caye, the area is divided in two parts; Hol Chan or small channel in Maya and Shark Alley; shallower area where nurse sharks and stingrays abound.

The afternoon is free to enjoy the tranquility of the island and the sun.

Head north on a golf cart to relax afternoon on Secret Beach.

In the evening, we propose to awaken your taste buds to the Belizean cuisine; authentic and traditional it will be revealed to you in one of the best restaurants of the city.


Meals included : breakfast, typical Belizean dinner
Free Lunch
Activity included, half day
Car rental
Distance : 6.5 km / Time : 20mn
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel

  •  Day 8 : Excursion to the Great Blue Hole

The Must To Do !

After your breakfast, you will board the dive boat for a trip to the Lighthouse Reef where you will dive at the Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Wall and the Aquarium. You’ll take a lunch break at Half Moon Caye to soak up this unusual sight and take lots of pictures.


You chose the aerial option. You will fly over the island, the coral reef and its multiple azure blue shades, strings of virgin islands, stretches of reefs before reaching the highlight of this flight: The Great Blue Hole! Exceptional underwater world! It is sometimes possible, even from the plane (which does not fly very high) to observe: sharks, manatees, manta rays and dolphins from the air !


Meals included : breakfast, lunch-*(if boat option)
Free Dinner
Activity included
Distance: 80 km / Travel time by boat: 2h30 / Flight time: 1h15
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel

  • Day 9 : Free day on Caye Caulker Island

Caye Caulker is small in size, but big for the landscape. Jamaican atmosphere among the colorful houses; all accompanied by the music of the islands.

This is your program for the day.

After crossing in Water Taxi you will disembark in another world.

No cars but golf carts, beaches lined with palm trees, hammocks swaying in the wind, open air restaurants where the atmosphere is as rich as the cuisine that will be offered; everything here is synonymous with GO SLOW; the motto of the island.


Meals included : breakfast
Free lunch & dinner
Car rental
Boat transfer : Round trip
Distance : 22 km / Travel Time : 25mn
Accommodation Overnight at the hotel

  • Day 10 : DEPARTURE

Shuttle by water taxi from San Pedro to the ferry terminal in Belize City

Shuttle transfer to Belize City International Airport

Meals included : breakfast
Transfers : boat & shuttle
Distance San Pedro – Belize City : 57 km / Travel time by boat : 1h30
Distance Belize City – International Airport: 18 km / Travel time: 35mn

Prix pour ce circuit Des Trésors aux Cayes

$2640 / personne TTC * Ce tarif est établi sur la base de 2 personnes. Le tarif définitif varie en fonction du nombre de participants. CONTACTEZ- NOUS pour toute demande.



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Cet itinéraire est personnalisable. Il peut être adapté à vos envies, votre budget.  Pour toute demande, remplissez notre formulaire DEMANDE DE DEVIS

Nos conseils d’amis pour votre premier voyage au Belize


– Vous allez voir certains des plus beaux sites du Belize, alors n’oubliez pas d’emporter votre appareil photo pour immortaliser l’instant.

– Le soleil Bélizien est un pur délice mais très généreux, pensez à prendre, des chaussures de randonnée, votre tube de crème solaire pour éviter les coups de soleil !

– Optez pour des vêtements légers, de préférence en coton ou en lin, tels que shorts, pantalons et chemises à manches longues pour vous protéger des moustiques, à l’aube et au crépuscule du soir.

– Comme tous nos voyages, ce circuit est entièrement personnalisable. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos idées, envies et budget pour que l’on élabore votre voyage sur-mesure au Belize.

Envie de découvrir le Belize ?

Amoureux d’histoire, envie d’aventureet d’immersiondans des cultures locales riches et accueillantes, envie de Plongr dans les récifs dans la deuxième plus grande barrière de corail au monde, Adepte du farniente, Amis des animaux ?

Alors, sans aucun doute, BELIZE est fait pour vous !