Belize District

The greatest part of the Belize district is located in the East-Central part of the country.

It includes the city of Belize City and all the coral islands located off the coast: Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, St. George’s Caye and Goff’s Caye.

Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are considered as the two tourism centers in the country.

Our district also includes the Monkey Bay wildlife sanctuary, the Belize National Zoo as well as the ancient Mayan ruins of Altun Ha.

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Archeological Site of Altun Ha


The Mayan city of Altun Ha is 50 km away from Belize City It was in its time a rich and important Mayan city. At its peak, 10,000 people lived there.

Come and wander in the middle of these ruins and discover with us the arena for ceremonies. You can’t leave the area without trying the ziplines that will make you fly above the canopy

Sanctuary Wildlife of Crooked Tree

The Crooked Tree sanctuary is a protected area composed of humid natural zones. Among its 66km² of lagunas, forests and savannas, you will be able to observe some 300 types of birds.  A great diversity of marine and terrestrial animals such as turtles, crocodiles, monkeys and parrots live there. Your camera will be your trusted travel companion to capture those unforgettable moments.

Crooked Tree Village

The oldest European colony in Belize. The village was created around 1750 and was one of the first Creole communities. Located in the middle of the Crooked Tree Lagoon, it owes its reputation to its cashew nuts and its gastronomy.

Authentic atmosphere and walks will be on the menu.



Founded in 1638 by buccaneers and pirates on the ancient Mayan city of Holzuz, Belize City, the biggest city in the country, remains its heart and soul. It is known to possess the only swing bridge in the world that symbolizes the soul of the city.

From this location, it is easy to wander around to discover Mayan cities, wildlife, nature, without forgetting to take time to visit the national museum and the zoo.

   – House of Culture

A colonial manor where different eras meet.  The Government House was home to several British dignitaries and it was there that the emancipation of slaves was celebrated in 1834. This is also there that the Union Jack was taken down for the last time and that the Belize flag was raised on September 21, 1981 as a proclamation of independence. Period furnishings, silverware, music instruments and several pieces of art will be part of your visit.

– St John’s Cathedral

Located in the middle of Belize City, St John’s Cathedral is one of the rare heritages of British colonization. Built in 1812 as the headquarters of the Church of England in Central America, the cathedral was historically used to crown indigenous kings. Today, it’s the oldest monument build by Europeans in Belize.   

– Baron Bliss Lighthouse

Being the only Central American country to have English as an official language, Belize plays a unique role in that region. One of the major facts of the history of Belize is that its greatest benefactor never stepped on its land. He died on his boat without ever disembarking and bequeathed 2 million Belizean dollars to the country. As a tribute to him, these 16 meters high lighthouse was built, and the baron’s remains are located at the top of it.

– Historical Museum

A must-see is Belize’s Historical Museum, established in Fort George which was, in its time, a prison. It was built in 1857 and the stones that were used for its construction are all from England and the London region. Inside, you will see Mayan remnants and the history of the colonization of the country.
Note that there is a very rare collection of stamps that will be the delight of philatelists.

 – Rum Distilleries

Several brands of rum exist in Belize. Though it is a Central American country, Belize has a Caribbean identity. Which is why rum production is very important there. This industry is dominated by Travelers Liquors, a company based in Belize City. The distillery produces rum distributed all over the country.

You will visit the factory and enjoy several tastings.

Belize Zoo

It is almost impossible to leave Belize City without going to its zoo. Covering several hectares, the zoo allows you to meet more than 150 animals from 50 species. Each animal has its own story and all animals were all taken in to be readapted to life and for some of them be released in the wild. Jaguar, ocelot, armadillo, puma and of course the emblem animal of the country, the toucan : all of them await your visit.  This zoo has for goal to educate visitors on wildlife and plants.
The aim is to foster a desire to protect and save the natural resources of the country.

A great moment for children and adults alike.



Ambergris Caye

The island of Ambergris Caye is the biggest caye : more than 40 km long, its northern point is very close to Mexico. The people who live there are Creole and Mestizos that live essentially on lobster fishing and tourism. This former fishing port has become the first tourism center in Belize.

So, as Madonna sings it best, la Isla Bonita will become your paradise and its turquoise waters will charm you.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is a real pirate’s den at the heart of the barrier reef.  NO SHORT, NO SHOES, NO PROBLEMS will become your motto. All of this takes place in the middle of colorful houses, as you sip on rhum and gaze at the turquoise sea.

Ready? Come dive with us around turtles, sharks and manatees. A true paradise!

Barrier Reef  

Classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, this natural marvel features a rich ecosystem that has hundreds of species of corals and fish. The barrier is composed of multiple atolls, islands and islets bordered by white sand beaches.

Hol Chan Reserve

Located south of Ambergris Caye, this spot is one of the most beautiful in Belize.
This protected area covers more than 12 thousand acres.
It harbors a myriad of colorful fish, morays, green turtles, nurse sharks and rays.

Don’t hesitate anymore and dive with us.

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