Corozal District

The Corozal district is the most Northern region of Belize. It borders the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and the Chetumal bay.

Corozal is both the name of the region and also the name of the biggest city in the North of the country.

It’s an exceptional site for fishing and birdwatching that notably includes the Shipstern reserve.

Divers will also enjoy the place. Access to the barrier reef are numerous and varied.

Formerly the center of the sugar industry, the region took an important turn by diversifying its agricultural production. Papayas, avocados and pineapples are now a significant source of income.

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Santa Rita

Formerly considered as part of the great Maya city of Chetumal, Santa Rita is a small archaeological site, but it doesn’t lack any splendor.

Whether you want to admire the architecture of an ancient Mayan site or simply explore the ruins of the city of Corozal, this place offers an excellent introduction to the history and architecture of the historical inhabitants of Belize.



This Mayan site is located very close to the Mexican border. It is not very big but will enable you to have an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea. It is the only Belizean site to be located next to the sea, it will for sure remind you of Tulum in Mexico.

You can visit and rest but don’t forget your swimsuit to make the most out of the azure sea.


Shiptern Nature Reserve

The reserve is located next to the Sarteneja village in a beautiful region that is still relatively off-road.
Secluded for the most part of the 20th century, this reserve is rich in wildlife and has no less than 300 species of bird among which there are a lot of endemic species to Yucatan.

The reserve offers an important range of ecological and cultural circuits in order for you to observe them.

The diversity of landscapes and habitats will surprise you.

If you are ready to discover them, jaguars, foxes, coatis, peccaries and armadillos await you. 


Butterfly Farm

A butterfly breeding farm of which the cocoons are sent to Europe is sure to awaken your curiosity. Located in the Shipstern reserve, it will offer you an exceptional visit among more than 200 species of butterflies.

Corozal Town

The capital of the Corozal district, this town was built on the ruins of the ancient Mayan site of Santa Rita. It is a sleepy seaside town located on a bay of the Caribbean Sea, which constitutes the border between Mexico and Belize. Corozal was colonized around 1800 by refugees of the Caste War that had fled Mexico. Although it isn’t part of the typical tour, the town of Corozal is a great starting point for all excursions in the region.



A real fishermen’s village, Sarteneja offers one of the most authentic experiences in the country. Located on Corozal Bay, few travelers go there and it’s for the better, because those who will make the effort to go there will enjoy breathtaking sunsets and turquoise waters.

It’s an important protected area and there you will meet manatees among flocks of beautiful birds.

Sarteneja is a natural treasure that will not remain this way for very long.


Little Belize

Located on the banks of the Progresso Lagoon, Little Belize is a Mennonite community of the Old Order that has approximately 2000 inhabitants. You will feel as though you’ve gone back to the 18th century : carriages drawn by horses, men wearing beards and overalls and women with long dresses and bonnets to hide their hair.

It’s a trip in time we invite you to do with us.


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