Stann Creek District

Stann Creek is the South-Eastern part of Belize. This region is defined by white sand beaches and the caves of Placencia, Mayan mountains crowned by lush jungles of which the jaguar reserve of Cockscomb is part.

Being both a Garifuna and a Mayan land, the mix of customs and cultures is visible in art, music and local cuisine.

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Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

As the first jaguar reserve in the world, the area is more than 500 km² wide. There you can observe not only hundreds of tropical plant species but also exotic mammals such as the armadillo and numerous reptiles. The Park offers a dozen paths to explore with a guide that will be at your disposal. Even if the jaguar remains difficult to observe because it is more of a nocturnal animal, you will be able to admire multiple waterfalls, vantage points and remote tropical forests.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, you will meet numerous animals and sometimes you will experience astonishing encounters.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the second highest mountain in Belize. It is located in the Mayan mountains and rises up to 1120 meters high.
It is covered in very diverse plants. At the summit, you will be able to gaze at the whole tropical forest, which will make you feel incredibly free.
Beware, as it is a more than 29 km long journey that is possible only from February to June during dry season and can take from 3 to 4 days. Therefore, it is reserved for experienced hikers.

Bill Barquedier National Park

The Bill Barquedier national park, declared national park in 2001, is renowned for its magnificent waterfalls. You will discover there a wide variety of animals, most of which are endangered species. Once again, they will be difficult to observe, but jaguars, armadillos, ocelots and howler monkeys are truly present here.

Ornithologists, pack up your gear, for this will be paradise to you.

The exploration will be easy due to the presence of marked trails that promote discovering the place.  You will feel serene here.


Mayaflower Bocawina National Park

Located a few kilometers away from the Garifuna village of Hopkins is the Mayflower Bocawina national park.

It was created in 2001 and covers a part of the virgin forest in the region. This reserve is 28 km² wide. It has waterfalls and small Mayan sites in the middle of a lush greenery… This place is an ideal point of interest for adventurers.

You can enjoy three splendid waterfalls in the park :
– Bocawina waterfalls

– The Three Sisters waterfalls
– The high falls of Antelope Falls : incredible view from the top.

The park also houses three small Mayan sites :

– Tau Witze and Maintzunun sites as well as Mayflower ruins.  With digs currently underway, Mayflower Bocawina could one day be one of the greatest Mayan sites in Central America.

Serpon Sugar Mill

Located approximately 1.6 km away from the village of ST Committee River, the Serpon sugar mill is the first historical reserve in the country.

Hidden in the jungle, the remnants of the first steam-powered mill date back to 1865. They marked the beginning of the industrial era in Belize. The factory made the economy in Belize run for around thirty years. It is estimated that at the peak of its glory, the sugar mill produced and shipped 1,700 pounds of sugar a month.

Davis Falls Waterfalls

Located near Dangriga, Davis is one of the most iconic attractions in the country.

Being 120 meters high, this waterfall is one of the highest ones in the country.
Since it is far away in the middle of the forest, the walk to Davis will allow you to discover also the ever-present nature living there.


The Placencia peninsula stretches for over 25 km to the East of the Caribbean Sea. People visit it for its relaxed atmosphere and its magnificent beaches. There are lots of hotels and restaurants and it is always bustling. Don’t miss the arts festival in February, the lobster festival in June or the whale-sharks season from April to May.

It is the ideal place for a lot of excursions. You must see Laughing Bird National Park and the Monkey River. It’s also from there that you will be able to reach Cockscomb, the land of the jaguar.



Hopkins is a small Garifuna village on the South coast of Belize. Located to the south of Dangriga, it is considered the cultural center point of Garifunas in Belize. Hopkins is a warm and welcoming town that was able to preserve its spirit as a former fishermen’s village.



It is the capital of the Stann Creek district funded before 1832 by Garifunas. It resembles West Indian cities a lot with its painted wooden houses. It is also an excellent departure point to reach the barrier reef and discover the Tobacco Cayes.


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