Belize is a small country in the middle of Central America bordering the Caribbean sea that offers a great historical and cultural richness. It’s a magical land with a mix of ethnic heritages and a great number of impressive Mayan ruins.

It is also a natural paradise that outdoor lovers will enjoy, and you will find there wild forests, jungles, mountains and seemingly unending beaches, a truly unique landscape in the world. You will also find there plenty of land and marine reserves that harbor numerous species, such as dolphins, nurse sharks, parrots, howler monkeys, jaguars and crocodiles.

If you wish to know what to see and visit in Belize, we prepared for you some itinerary examples that include the most beautiful places you absolutely must see in this magnificent country in South America.

Fancy discovering Belize?

Lovers of history, wanting to be immersed in rich and welcoming local cultures, wanting to dive in the reefs of the second largest coral reef in the world, adept at lazing around, animal lovers?

Then, BELIZE is definitly for you !