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Why subscribe to a travel insurance policy in Belize ?

A last-minute cancellation, an incident during the trip, an accident on the road or lost luggage… No one is really safe from a problem that would come and ruin a long-awaited trip. Medical fees being more expensive in Belize than in Europe, it would be a shame to not have coverage and have to spend outrageous amounts of money that were not planned initially.

Because prevention is better than cure, BELIZEAN TRAVEL offers you, thanks to Chapka Assurance, a travel insurance policy so that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

It costs 3.5% of the price of your trip and with this policy, you can travel in total serenity: medical fees, repatriation, cancellation, theft or loss of your luggage… you are covered.


What is the level of coverage of this travel insurance policy ?

Are you hesitant to subscribe to a travel insurance policy because you’re already covered by your credit card?

Thanks to Chapka Assurance, BELIZEAN TRAVEL brings you a diagnosis to evaluate the true coverage of your credit card.  Simple and 100% free, our analysis, which takes into account your bank and the type of card you own, will allow you to understand what your guarantees truly are. If there are any gaps, we will offer you the services of our partner.

What does the insurance policy offer ?

You wish to subscribe to a travel insurance policy?

We present to you “Cap Explorer”: a product that meets all your cancellation needs with pandemic coverage.

Summed up below: the guarantees you get with this policy

  • Cancellation before departure due to all justified causes and exceptional events (closure of aerial space, undeclared strike, natural disaster, riot, epidemic…): €10,000 per person.

This formula also has additional guarantees:

  • Impossibility to depart,
  • Missed flight,
  • Delayed flight,
  • Interrupted stay with unused services.

Subscription conditions

  • Cap Explorer must imperatively be subscribed to before or maximum 48 hrs after the first deposit on your trip has been made (flights, hotels,circuit…), except for the Assistance formula which can be subscribed to up until the day before departure.
  • You must be a resident of Mainland France, French Overseas Territories, the European Union, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Andorra or Monaco.
  • Maximum duration of stay: 60 days
  • No age limit
  • The Explorer Complementary to Credit Card is only available as a supplement to a Gold Mastercard, Visa Premier, INFINITE Platinium or American Express card issued by a French bank only.


CAP EXPLORER is a complete product offering different formulas to ensure your safety !

  • Explorer Multi-risk

A complete policy including cancellation, repatriation assistance, medical and hospital fees coverage up until 300,000 euros,luggage, private civil liability and sports and leisure liability…

  • Explorer Assistance

A high-end coverage* for travels abroad without a cancellation insuranceThis formula can be subscribed to up until the day before departure.

  • Explorer Complementary Credit Card

This formula completes perfectly the travel insurance policy of the high-end credit cards of your clients.


In case of a pandemic, how much am I covered ?

Good news: in those quickly evolving circumstances, we have just negotiated extra guarantees for the insurance policy, to better help you in the planning of your trip.

Contrary to the vast majority of insurance policies on the market, they grant you protection from some hazards related to pandemics and to COVID-19 in particular. Concretely, it adds to existing protections:

  • Cancellation if the destination is subjected to travel restrictions by the Foreign Affairs ministry of your country of residence or the WHO. Same thing if local authorities deny you entry to the country, provided that the trip was booked before the WHO or the Foreign Affairs ministry of your country announced restrictions.
  • Cancellation due to quarantine before departure
  • Cancellation if access to boarding is denied, following a health control, conducted by either the authorities or the transportation company.
  • Medical fees in case you are infected with Covid-19, quarantine on arrival and medical repatriation.
  • Extension of the duration of the stay when you are not infected or in quarantine but you are stuck at destination following a quarantine on arrival or a lack of transportation.

The price for this travel insurance policy that offer 100% peace of mind, including pandemic insurance, is 4% of the total price of your trip.

This should allow you to imagine your future holidays and travel serenely !


There is no mandatory vaccine, but vaccines against hepatitis A and B are recommended. Make sure that all common vaccinations are also up to date. Only drink bottled or sterilized water. Plan for antimalarial treatment if you go into the jungle.

Beware ! An increase of dengue fever cases was observed in Belize in 2019. Dengue is transmitted by infected mosquitos. The symptoms of the disease resemble those of the flu (high fever, joint pain, headaches). Individual prevention lies essentially on protecting oneself against mosquito bites. In case of a fever, medical advice must be sought quickly. Treatment focuses first and foremost on the symptoms : paracetamol intake and rest. You must avoid taking at all costs aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. More info here:

Prevention measures : long sleeves, long pants and mosquito repellent. We advise you to buy a repellent in Belize, as they are more efficient there.

To avoid mosquito bites, here is some advice:

– Avoid going on walks in the early morning and at night.

– Wear clothes that protect the entire body, including arms and legs (especially ankles) and vaporize your clothes with a repellent

– Apply a repellent on uncovered areas of the body (back of the hand, wrists, face, ankles…). Remember to reapply regularly.



Belize has both public and private hospitals. Hospitals are located in urban areas and it is possible to find clinics or registered nurses in remote rural areas.

Emergency numbers

  • To call the police, dial 911.

In case of fire or medical emergency, dial 90.


 Potential dangers and advice

Belize is a safe destination for the traveler that exercises common sense. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take the basic usual precautions common to every trip such as : avoid flaunting large amounts of currency, cameras, jewelery or other external signs of wealth ; don’t leave valuable objects laying around in your hotel room ; don’t take illegal drugs ; and don’t go for a walk alone at night in isolated areas…

Like neighboring countries, Belize plays an important part in the drug trade plaguing Central America. The insecurity stemming from it affects Belizean people tied to gang wars more than tourists and hits especially hard southern neighboorhoods in Belize City, the costal city of Dangriga and the area near the frontier with Guatemala. Thus, be very careful in those areas. It is also not recommended to take certain roads if you travel by private vehicle, as rental cars driven by tourists are preferred targets for the gangs ruling those areas. Be especially careful on the Old Northern Highway and the Coastal Highway. In case of a dispute or an aggression, it is also recommended not to resist and to always have on hand “something” to give to the aggressors.

The period from June to November is cyclone season. During that time, simple tropical storms may transform rapidly into major hurricanes. For travelers staying in Belize during that time, it is advised to follow the evolution of hurricanes on the National Hurricane Center website and abide by local recommendations.

As for swimming, it is recommended to be vigilant, as beaches are not monitored by lifeguards. You must reach out to expert guides for diving activities.

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