#The Belizean Travel concierge service, how it works

As you know, BELIZEAN TRAVEL is a private French-speaking agency that organizes custom tours as well as provides a 24/24 concierge service for the entire duration of your trip.

As soon as you have a special desire, a precise request, our service is here to make your life easier.

It is an assistance provided to customers on the field.


#A number just for you

How to contact us ?

It’s simple : we have a number you can reach day or night, by phone or with WhatsApp.

You will be put in contact with our concierge that is tasked with meeting your expectations and satisfying your requests


#A 24/7 VIP service


For us there is no small or big favor : we offer our skills to all our traveler friends.

  • We regard all your demands as a priority.
  • No need to worry anymore, we are here, discreetly, at your side 24/24.
  • Our goal is for you to have an unforgettable vacation.
  • Your satisfaction remains our priority in this adventure you’re going to live with us at your side.

So relax, stop thinking, just have a good time, because your wellness is our priority.


It’s also …


Belize is without a doubt one of the most confidential destinations in the world to organize your wedding.

It has an especially favorable weather, magnificent landscapes, secluded beaches, islands, a great choice of RESORTS in lavish environments; everything is in place to make this day… The best day in your life.


Private events

No doubt, you’ve chosen the right destination!

A birthday party, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a honeymoon in Belize; with all these, one single goal : plan and create rare and unique celebrations, that will create a lasting impression for you.
You will be in contact with one single consultant that will build with you your “bespoke” project following your requests and expectations.


 Corporate events

Imagine and create magical and unforgettable moments for your company.

No matter what goals you’re aiming for, it’s always a strategic moment…

Accommodation, choice of activities, adventures or parties, you chose the right destination.

It’s time for us to organize your INCENTIVE trip in Belize.


Let us create together

The great journey of life…

Take advantage of the expertise of our French and English speaking team on site. The guarantee of a trip where you live the essential, a trip of a lifetime…

Fancy discovering Belize?

Lovers of history, wanting to be immersed in rich and welcoming local cultures, wanting to dive in the reefs of the second largest coral reef in the world, adept at lazing around, animal lovers?

Then, BELIZE is definitly for you !