Orange Walk District

Orange Walk district is located in the North-Western part of Belize.

It harbors the Mayan sites of Lamanaï and La Milpa (3rd biggest site in Belize).

Reaching the ruins is an adventure on its own! You must take a boat to Lamanaï and follow the track in the forest to reach La Milpa. In both cases, it’s a riveting experience.

So join us, as we are ready to make you live unforgettable moments.

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Temple and Ruins of the Mayan site of Lamanai

Your adventure starts by going down the river among the birds and in the middle of nature, in one of the most fascinating sites in Belize.
You will arrive to a great lake on whose banks you will find Lamanaï.
Among the howler monkeys, you will enjoy the quietness of the place and the beauty of the site.
Stone masks, dizzying high pyramids lost in nature : this mystical place will open for you the doors to a forgotten world.

Archeological Site of La Milpa

The third biggest Mayan site in Belize. At the heart of an animal reserve, you will spend the night in bungalows at the heart of the canopy. Take your camera with you, as animals are here day and night.

The hummingbird rules over the area as the king of the air.

You will go on an adventure to discover this incredible site still hidden in the middle of the forest.

You will see archaeologists at work. You will barely notice passing by enormous builds. La Milpa is simply an incredible experience and a return to the essential.

Experience this with BELIZEAN TRAVEL.

Archeological Site of Cuello

An archaeological Mayan site of the pre-classical era located between Rio Hondo and New River. It is composed of a small ceremonial center with two plazas. Two pyramids can also be seen. This site is located on private land, and we will make you visit this place so that you can enjoy a site that is still untouched in the wild.

Archeological Site of Chau Hiix

Located to the South-West of the Crooked Tree laguna, the remnants of the Mayan site and its 23 meters high pyramid overlook this body of water. It was inhabited by Mayas from 400 BC to 200 AD. Its rediscovery in the 1990s allows us to visit one of the most authentic historical sites of the country. 

Rio Bravo Nature Reserve

It is the biggest nature reserve in the country, stretching for over 1,000 km², that is 4% of the total territory of Belize. No less than 70 species of mammals live there. Since 1998, all the animals living there are protected.

Adventure in its most natural state in the middle of a green nature.

Orange Walk Town

It is the capital of Orange Walk district and the fourth biggest city in the country. It is located in a fertile plain bordering New River. The city of Orange Walk was established in 1849 by mestizos fleeing from massacres during the Caste War in Mexico. It is a pleasant city, especially on market days, and it’s the departure point for all excursions in the region. Its proximity to the river means it is a very nice place to live in. 


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