What to see, what to visit in Belize ?


A still unrecognized destination, Belize hides enormous natural and cultural treasures.

Our must-see sites will unveil for you the resources of this small country.

Roam its nature reserves, its wild forests full of animals.

Rediscover, like an explorer, the lost Mayan cities after sailing along rivers and lakes or simply enjoy the Caribbean Sea and the second largest barrier reef in the world. BELIZEAN TRAVEL awaits you to put together the best program for you.




Do you want inspiration for an adventure in Belize?
Here are the MUST-SEE you do not want to miss during your stay.


North-Western Side

By far, the most surprising site in Belize. Lamanai or underwater crocodile in Yucatan Maya is located in the archaeological park of the New River Lagoon.
To access it, we will go down the river from Orange Walk.
All of this will take place among an incredible flock of birds.
The site is located on the banks of the Lagoon New River.
It is cryptic, fabulous, majestic in its green oasis. You will discover there the temple of masks, its 34 meters pyramid as well as many monuments still covered in trees.
This visit will be accompanied by the cries of the howler monkeys who live in the trees and will show up without fail. Prepare your cameras.



South-West Side

At the top of the hill, not far from San Ignacio, the archaeological site of Xunantunich (stone woman in Mayan) was historically considered as an important ceremonial place by Mayans.
It offers a beautiful view over the Mopan river.
It is surrounded by a lush jungle home to wildlife and many plants.
Atr the top of El Castillo (40 m), the view is incredible and will uncover for you the beauty and largeness of the surrounding nature.

Note that to access this site, you will embark on a boat still functioning with a crank.


Ambergris Caye

Eastern Island Side

Ambergris Caye, a former fishing port of the 18th century, was named after the significant quantities of ambergris found on its shores.

It is the biggest island in Belize and one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists. The Northern part still remains quite untouched. It is known for its white sand beach, its turquoise waters and its many activities and nautical attractions.

* Snorkeling or scuba-diving in Hol Chan marine reserve
* Diving at the Great Blue Hole
* Sports activities : jet ski, jet surf, banana boat
* Secret Beach : swimming, snorkeling, pedal boat, floating mattresses, bars
* Barbecue Boat


Caye Caulker

East Isalnd Side

This small wild paradise whose motto is go slow is located 1hr away from Belize City by boat.

It is covered in mangroves and palm trees and is split in two by a channel that is the result of Cyclone Hattie.

This small island with a relaxed atmosphere has two main streets. It doesn’t have large beaches, but it offers with its reef a stunning garden populated with colorful fish. Whether you like snorkeling or scuba-diving, it’s time to prepare.

The most popular activities on the island are:

* Snorkeling and scuba-diving at Hol Chan marine reserve
* Observing the manatees
* Split and Koko King beaches


Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM)

South-Western Side

Actun Tunichil Muknal or cave of the stone tomb, is one of the most popular caves in Belize.

The cave symbolizes one of the doors to the hells in the Mayan mythology. It harbors unique wildlife and plants as well as relics dating back to more than 1000 years.

To visit this unique place, you will have to go through a part of the tropical forest, cross three rivers on foot, swim in some parts of the cave, and also climb on a narrow ladder to reach the place where you will discover the Crystal Maiden, a young Mayan girl sacrificed as an offering to the Gods.



South Side

Discovered in 1938 by a lumberjack named Rosa Mai, the ancient Mayan city of Caracol is located in the forest reserve of Chiquibul at the foot of the Mayan mountains.

This area is extraordinary. It’s in the middle of the forest, and due to its proximity with the Guatemalan border, you will be accompanied by soldiers on the way to the ruins.

Adventure with a big A! Animals, forests, rivers, waterfalls, forgotten pyramids : an unforgettable day in your life.     


Great Blue Hole

East Side

It is located in the middle of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, a small natural island at the heart of the barrier reef. This enormous underwater hole was discovered for the first time in 1971 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and is 120 meters deep. This big hole located 70 km off the shore of Belize is known as one of the best diving spots in the world. The Blue Hole Natural Monument has become a cult site for divers. According to geologists, this fascinating blue circle which has a diameter of 300 m was formed at the end of the Ice Age, when the sea flooded enormous caves 15,000 years ago. It’s an area that is rich in marine diversity, in particular full of endangered species, and that offers explorers excellent historical discoveries… An unforgettable underwater adventure!


Barrier Reef

East Side

This mesoamerican barrier reef that is 290 km long is the biggest barrier reef in the Northern and Western hemisphere, covering 185 miles of the turquoise waters of Belize. Classified as World Heritage Site in 1996, this colorful coral barrier reef provides a crucial equilibrium in the mesoamerican marine ecosystem. A dive in those crystal-clear waters will offer you a unique and unparalled experience. You will go explore the barrier reef harboring reefs, more than 100 species of coral, hundreds of fish species, and an abundant variety of other marine species.


Mountain Pine Ridge Forest

Centre West Side

Established as a nature reserve in 1944, Pine Ridge Mountain has stunning landscapes with pines on granite hills, of which the peak, Baldy Beacon, surprises people with its lack of trees. It’s full of waterfalls, rivers and naturals pools in diverse and green environments. You can discover Five Sister Falls or Hidden Valley Falls, which are among the most beautiful waterfalls and small swimming paradises, as well as Rio on Pools, an oasis of fresh water. For an extreme adventure, hike to Thousand Foot Falls, the highest waterfalls in Central America. The reserve also harbors lots of caves to explore, of which Rio Frio is the most famous. This cave is impressive with its immense indented ceiling, that lets natural light in. This Park comprised of pines, cedars and oaks with ocre soil is home to a rich wildlife. With a bit of luck, you will observe jaguars, pumas, armadillos, or a flock of birds.

Fancy discovering Belize?

Lovers of history, wanting to be immersed in rich and welcoming local cultures, wanting to dive in the reefs of the second largest coral reef in the world, adept at lazing around, animal lovers?

Then, BELIZE is definitly for you !