General terms & conditions



Belizean Travel defines its terms and conditions of sale (TOS) according to the specificities of the travel services offered through its website Any purchase of a trip implies their unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions. We draw your attention to the fact that the travel services offered on our website are, in the sense of the regulations in force, a package and as such you benefit from the rights reproduced in Article 15 hereof.



1.1 Processing the application
Belizean Travel is a local travel agency based in Belize. We propose to build your trip (excluding international air services) according to your desires and provide you on our website with themes and examples of itineraries and stays to inspire you and give you budget ideas.
To obtain your personalized program of the desired trip, you must submit your request for estimate via our form directly accessible by the URL Generally within 48 hours, our team will propose you from your quote request (with a validity period) a detailed travel program with a firm and definitive price, all expenses, taxes and services included, except for possible minor adjustments in the services and tariffs provided for in article 2.4. below.

The quote has a validity date beyond which the announced rate is no longer guaranteed. If the validity period of your quote is exceeded, Terres Argentines can establish, at your request, a new quote. As soon as you confirm this quote, within its validity period, you will be able to register on the website. As soon as you confirm your agreement on your quote, we will proceed to the booking of your services with our partners. Indeed, tailor-made trips imply to constantly adjust the services that are purchased according to the wishes of our traveler clients. Also, we don’t have an internal stock of all the services to be able to respond to requests for highly personalized trips. As soon as possible after your registration, we will inform you of the status of your confirmed services and, if necessary, we will propose alternatives if some services are not available.

1.2 Registration
The registration is done from the website at the following address:
You must go to the “contact” page and fill in the application form to register.

Please note that you must use the first and last names that appear on your passport or on the identity document used for the trip.
A registration is considered definitive once the registration form has been validated and the deposit and/or the balance has been paid, depending on the date of registration, via our website, using the online application form. Once the payment is made, a confirmation email is sent to you. It includes the confirmation of your payment and your invoice. We would like to inform you that the person who makes the registration in the name and on behalf of the different participants of the trip commits himself to transmit to each participant the information provided by Belizean Travel concerning the services of the trip.
In accordance with Article L 221-28 of the French Consumer Code, you do not have a right of withdrawal for the purchase of travel services.



2.1. Payment schedule
For any registration made more than 45 days before the date of departure, you must pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the services booked and the balance must be paid within 45 days of the date of departure without any reminder from us. If the registration is made less than 45 days before the departure date, the customer must pay the full price of the trip at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

For any registration less than 35 days before the departure date, you will have to pay in one time the total amount of the trip. As part of your

Within the framework of your trip, you have the possibility of subscribing to travel insurance. The amount of the premium is to be paid upon registration.
Any delay in the payment of a deposit and/or the balance will be considered as a cancellation on your part for which the cancellation fees provided for in the present general conditions of sale will be applied.

Belizean Travel (CJ Belizean Travel Ltd) accepts the following payments:

Bank transfers to a US dollar account. Any bank fees that the institution may charge are at the client’s expense (OUR transfer – fees to be paid by the originator). The client must email Belizean Travel the bank transfer notice (not the bank transfer order) in order to confirm the booking.
Credit cards: it is possible to pay by credit card on the secure online payment site, we recommend the Wise site.

In cash (Euros or US Dollars), on the day of arrival, provided that 75% of the total amount has been paid in advance by bank transfer or credit cards and with the prior agreement of Belizean Travel.

Possibility of payment up to 6 times without charge depending on the date of arrival. For more information please contact Belizean Travel.

Last minute bookings (less than 15 days before arrival): full payment must be made immediately by credit card upon receipt of the invoice.

2.2 Means of payment
All payments must be made by credit card or bank transfer.

2.3 Invoice
As soon as you pay the deposit or the total price of your trip, an invoice will be issued to your attention by email.

2.4. Terms of price revision
At the time of invoicing, the price of the trip is firm, definitive and in US dollars. However, in accordance with article L 211-12 of the Tourism Code, up to 20 days before departure, we can make adjustments upwards or downwards, without the possibility of cancellation/resolution on your part, for the following reason :

• variation in the level of taxes or fees on the travel services included in the contract, imposed by a third party not directly involved in the execution of the contract, including tourist taxes.
Additional fees, charges or other costs (tourist taxes, hotel fees (resortfees), parking fees, entry to national parks, etc.) may be payable by the traveler during the trip. These costs, which are not included in the total price of the trip, are indicated in the offer. We advise you to bring an appropriate means of payment for your trip. If one or more travelers registered on the same file cancel(s), the trip may be maintained as long as the participants have paid, before departure, the possible additional cost of the services that had to be modified due to the cancellation of the traveler(s). Any refusal on the part of the remaining traveler(s) to pay this adjustment will be considered as a cancellation on the part of the traveler(s) concerned and may result in the application of the cancellation fees referred to in Article 5 below.



3.1 Administrative and health formalities
Before undertaking your trip, we invite you to make sure that you are administratively in order with the police, customs and health formalities (valid passport, possession of the required visa, the authorization(s) to leave the territory for minors, the vaccination certificate, recommended vaccinations). It is strongly recommended that you verify all information with the relevant authorities. Belizean Travel will not be held responsible for any consequences of non-compliance with police, customs or health regulations prior to and during your trip.
Belizean Travel provides information on formalities for all French nationals. For other nationalities, we are at your disposal to assist you in your procedures.
For the organization of your trip, we inform you that some countries and/or service providers outside the EU (in particular, customs authorities, airlines…) require the transmission of some of your personal data for the purpose of filling in forms and/or requirements related to their reservation and/or control system. For this purpose, we may be obliged to communicate to these service providers the following data
– your name, first name(s), date of birth and gender which appear on the passport or ID card (if the destination allows it) that you will use for your trip and to complete the transit or entry authorizations (visa, ESTA…),
– data related to a need for assistance, children, persons with reduced mobility or others.
It is important to specify that if you have to fill out administrative forms for the completion of your trip,
you must fill in the same information that you provided to Belizean Travel, i.e. name, surname, date of birth and gender. Failure to do so may result in the refusal of entry into the country (transit or final destination).

3.2 Information on safety and health risks
Belizean Travel advises you to consult the country fact sheet for your destination published by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) on the website, under the heading “Conseils aux voyageurs”.
Please note that this information may change up to the date of your departure, so it is advisable to consult it regularly.
Belizean Travel may ask you to sign the MEAE form for the country(ies) you are visiting or travelling through as part of its duty to inform. This request does not constitute a release of liability.
We also invite you to regularly consult the information disseminated by the competent authorities on the health risks involved in your trip and to follow the health recommendations and measures to combat these risks available on the websites (French Ministry of Solidarity and Health) and (World Health Organization).

3.3. Accessibility
The trips are tailor-made and allow us to consider services adapted to your personal situation, in particular if you have constraints to move and/or carry out all the activities inherent to a leisure trip (transport, accommodation, excursions etc.). When expressing your travel request, we invite you to inform us of any restrictions and/or particularities concerning you so that we can offer you adapted and accessible services, especially in case of reduced mobility.



4.1. Modifications before the departure of the trip
The costs incurred by any request for changes (additions or deletions) of travel services after registration and before the departure date, will be charged to the travelers and must be paid by all means to Belizean Travel. These costs are not refundable under the cancellation insurance policy.

4.2 Changes during the trip at the request of the client
Any program changes made at your request can only be implemented after Belizean Travel’s approval. Any additional costs incurred by this modification remain at your charge and are to be paid on site to Belizean Travel.
Belizean Travel will not be obliged to make the requested changes if the payments are not received.

4.3 Trip Interruption
Any trip interrupted by you (for health reasons or other reasons) does not entitle Beliean Travel to any reimbursement for services not taken. Beliean Travel will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result.



If the traveler(s) registered on the BI are obliged to cancel their participation in the trip, they shall inform their insurance company and the person who signed the BI shall inform Belizean Travel as soon as the event occurs, by any written means allowing for an acknowledgement of receipt: the date of issuance of the writing will be taken as the date of cancellation for the billing of cancellation fees.
It is the date of issuance of the written notice that will be taken as the date of cancellation for the billing of cancellation fees. We draw your attention to the fact that the insurance company assesses, according to the documents communicated to it directly by its insured, the date of the triggering event at the origin of the decision to cancel participation in the trip in order to agree to reimburse the cancellation costs.
The insurance premium and visa fees are not refundable by Belizean Travel or by the insurer.
Depending on the services planned for your trip and in order to take into account the constraints imposed by our service providers, in case of cancellation on your part, we may apply either (i) cancellation fees based on our actual justified costs, or (ii) the cancellation fee schedule specified in 5.1 below. Unless otherwise specified, the cancellation fee schedule set forth in 5.1 below will apply.

The traveler will be informed of the application of (i) or (ii) prior to registration.

5.1. Scale of fees for total cancellation
– More than 60 days before departure date: 35% of the total price of the trip
– 60 to 31 days before departure date: 40% of the total price of the trip
– From 30 to 14 days before departure date: 45% of the total price of the trip
– From 13 to 7 days before the departure date: 50% of the total price of the trip
– Less than 7 days before the departure date: 60% of the total price of the trip

5.2. Partial cancellation fee
If one or more travellers registered on the same file (BI) cancel(s) their participation in a trip that is maintained for the other participants, a cancellation fee will be charged for each traveller who cancels (scale art. 5.1 above or actual costs) up to the proportion (total price divided by the number of travellers registered on the same BI) of the total price relating to each traveller who cancels, as well as, if applicable, for each traveller who cancels the entire proportion of the costs incurred by the maintenance of the common services of the trip.
If more than one traveler has registered for the same trip and one or more of them cancels his/her trip, the cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount received by Belizean Travel for that trip, regardless of who paid. For any cancellation/rescission, for any reason whatsoever, expenses outside of the trip contracted with Belizean Travel and incurred by the traveler(s), such as transportation costs to the place of departure of the trip and return home, costs of obtaining visas, travel documents, vaccination costs, will not be subject to any refund. On the date of your cancellation if your trip includes domestic airfare, either (1) Belizean Travel has collected the full price of your trip and the cancellation fee charged will include the tax refund, or (2) Belizean Travel has only collected a deposit of the total price of your trip and the cancellation fee, which will be deducted from the deposit, will not include the tax.



6.1. Cancellation by Belizean Travel
Reasons related to maintaining the safety of the travelers and/or exceptional and unavoidable circumstances such as: wars, political unrest, strikes, riots, weather conditions, natural disasters, etc. may result in the cancellation of the booked trip. In such cases, Belizean Travel will inform you in writing. You
You will then have the choice of either a refund or a postponement of the amount paid to another trip of your choice. However, you will not be entitled to any compensation from Belizean Travel.

6.2. Modification of the trip
Between the time your registration is confirmed and your departure, changes to the program (dates, schedules, itinerary, supervision, accommodation, etc.) may occur, due to organizational difficulties or for safety reasons. In such cases, Belizean Travel will immediately inform you of the changes in writing. If the change affects an essential element of your trip as defined by the regulations, you will have the option to either cancel the contract or accept the change proposed by Belizean Travel.
During your trip, changes in the program (dates, schedules, itinerary, supervision, accommodation, etc.) may occur due to organizational difficulties or safety issues. In the event that Belizean Travel is able to offer alternative services, Belizean Travel will cover the additional costs. In the absence of replacement services, except in the case of exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, Belizean Travel will reimburse the difference in price between the planned services and those actually provided.

6.3 Interruption of the trip
Any trip may be interrupted at the discretion of your guide for duly justified reasons (safety, health, etc.). In this case, unless the interruption is due to exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, Belizean Travel will reimburse the difference in price between the services planned and those actually provided.



Belizean Travel does not sell your international flights for your trip. You are solely responsible for your transportation to your travel destination, however, before booking your tickets to undertake your trip, we recommend that you consult the European list of prohibited airlines at
However, it is possible to include domestic flights in your program.

7.1 Identity of the carrier
The identity of the carrier(s) who will be providing transportation during your trip is listed on your travel quote. In the event of a change after your registration, Belizean Travel will inform you by any means, as soon as it becomes aware of them, of any changes in the identity of the carrier(s), especially airlines (domestic flights).
We recommend that you purchase modifiable and/or refundable services and that you allow sufficient time for transfers between airports/stations.
If you encounter difficulties in reaching the place(s) of your trip due to (i) an exceptional and unavoidable event, (ii) a third party or (iii) your own fault, we recommend that you inform Belizean Travel as soon as possible. You will be responsible for any changes in services and costs incurred as a result of such events.

7.2. Change of transport schedules
We do not know the exact schedule of your transportation (e.g. flights) at the time of publication of our travel offer.
For air transport (domestic flights), we inform you that schedules may vary at any time, depending on the traffic authorizations given to companies by the competent authorities. In order to avoid any confusion, we will inform you of the schedules as soon as they are confirmed by the airline.
Stopover times are determined by the airlines according to their flight plans and may be modified, without this constituting a reason for cancellation without charge.

7.3. Change of itinerary, change of airport
Any carrier may be required to change without notice not only the schedule but also the itinerary of the departure and destination airports, in particular due to technical, climatic or political incidents external to Belizean Travel or to strikes external to Belizean Travel. These events may result in delays, cancellations, or additional stopovers, change of aircraft, change of route. In case of air travel, the traveler holding a boarding pass remains under the protection and assistance of the airline.

7.4. Non-fulfillment of the transportation service
In the event of non-performance of the booked transportation service by the traveler, for any reason beyond Belizean Travel’s control, the corresponding transportation ticket will be cancelled by the carrier. The traveler will then have to purchase another ticket or tickets at his own expense in order to complete the trip. For international air tickets, taxes and boarding fees for tickets not used and fully paid are refunded upon request (art L 224-66 C. consom.).

7.5. Delay / Cancellation of transport services
In case of delay in transportation at the beginning or at the end of the trip, and/or damage or loss of luggage, denied boarding, and/or flight cancellation by the company, we recommend that the traveler, in order to assert his rights, keep all original documents (tickets, boarding passes or luggage ticket…) and request from the carrier any written proof.



8.1. Travel insurance Belizean Travel with Chapka offers you an insurance package for your trip: CAP EXPLORER, a complete product with different coverage options:

  • Explorer’Multirisque
    A complete contract with cancellation (see above), repatriation assistance, medical and hospitalization expenses up to 300 000 €, luggage, private life and sports and leisure liability…
  • Explorer’Assistance
    A top-of-the-range coverage* for trips abroad without the cancellation guarantee. This formula can be taken out until the day before departure].
  • Explorer’Complémentaire Carte Bancaire
    The perfect complement to the travel insurance of your clients’ high-end bank cards

8.2 Conditions of subscription

Cap Explorer must be subscribed before or at the latest within 48 hours following the payment of the first deposit for your trip (flights, hotels, tours, etc.) except for the Assistance option which can be subscribed until the day before departure.
Be a resident of Metropolitan France, the French Overseas Departments, the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Principality of Andorra or Monaco
Maximum duration of the trip: 60 days
No age limit
The Explorer Complementary Bank Card plan is only available in addition to a Gold Mastercard, Visa Premier, Infinite Platinium or American Express card issued by a French bank.

The insurance contracts offered include limitations of coverage, exclusions, deductibles and obligations in the event of a claim. We invite you to consult the complete booklet of general and special conditions of this insurance contract as well as the information document produced on our site.
The insurance premium, registration fee and visa fee are not refundable by Belizean Travel.

8.3. Reporting and processing procedure:
It is your responsibility before or during your trip to personally contact the insurer in order to trigger your insurance policy

Medical Assistance Request:
You must contact Chapka for any medical assistance request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tel. from France 01 74 85 50 50. By e-mail
Other requests:
In case of cancellation of your trip or any other incident covered by the travel insurance contract taken out (loss of luggage, etc.), we invite you to make your declaration online at the following address:

8.4. Waiver period
If you were already covered for the same benefits by a previous insurance contract, we inform you that you have a 14-day waiver period relating solely to the insurance contract taken out and provided that it has not produced any effect.




Applications for minors must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian and marked “agreement of father, mother or guardian”. Minors who are not traveling with their parents or guardians must be in possession, depending on the destination, of a valid authorization to leave the French territory, in addition to the identity documents required for the trip. Finally, a telephone number and address must be provided to enable the minor or the person in charge to establish direct contact. For minors traveling with one of their parents, guardians or other adults, you must ensure that you have the necessary documents for the accompanying minor (passport and, if applicable, authorization to leave the country) to allow him or her to leave the country.



In accordance with article R.211-7 of the French Tourism Code, you may assign your contract to an assignee who meets the same conditions as you for the trip, as long as this contract has not produced any effect. You are required to inform Belizean Travel of your decision by any means that allows for an acknowledgement of receipt and no later than seven days prior to the start of the trip.
In the event of an assignment of the contract, the assignor and/or assignee shall be required to pay any fees incurred as a result of the assignment, which will be communicated to you by your consultant.


If you are interested in the free diagnostic service on insurance coverage offered from the Belizean Travel website, simply click on the link provided and you will be redirected to the Partner’s website. It is important to note that the Service is sold and invoiced by the Partner according to its own terms and conditions. The Partner is responsible for the execution and delivery of the subscribed Service. Thus, in case of complaint concerning the Service(s), you must address your request directly to the Partner concerned, who will be solely responsible for its processing. Please be advised that the Belizean Travel website contains information, data and content provided by the Partners, or hyperlinks to websites not developed by Belizean Travel that allow access to the Services and for which Belizean Travel shall have no liability.
The contract(s) relating to the proposed additional Services concluded with our partners do not constitute a package within the meaning of Article L211-2 2° of the Tourism Code or a related travel service within the meaning of Article L 211-2 III 2° of the Tourism Code.


Belizean Travel shall not be held responsible for the consequences of the following events
– Loss or theft of tickets by the traveler(s).
– Failure to present to the authorities and/or carriers (airlines etc..) the administrative and/or health documents required to undertake the trip and/or cross the borders, according to the information given by Belizean Travel
– Arrival after the scheduled time for check-in and/or boarding of any transportation, including air travel. No refund of the transportation ticket will be due by Belizean Travel in this case.
– Unforeseeable or unavoidable events of a third party such as: wars, political unrest, strikes outside of Terres Argentines, riots outside of Belizean Travel, technical or administrative incidents outside of Belizean Travel, airspace congestion, bad weather, delays (including mail forwarding services), breakdowns, loss or theft of luggage or other personal effects of travelers.

– Cancellation due to exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, and/or for reasons related to maintaining the safety of the travelers, and/or by order of an administrative authority: in this case, Belizean Travel reserves the right to change the dates, times or itineraries planned in order to ensure the safety of the travelers, without recourse for the travelers.
– The person making the registration on behalf of all participants in the trip agrees to provide each traveler with the information provided by Belizean Travel regarding the trip and Belizean Travel shall not be liable for any failure or omission in providing such information.
In the event that Belizean Travel is held liable due to the actions of its service providers, the limits of compensation provided for by international conventions shall apply, in accordance with Article L 211-17-IV of the French Tourism Code. Except in the case of personal injury, Belizean Travel’s maximum financial responsibility will be equal to three times the total price of the trip.
Finally, we inform you that the photographs that appear in our various commercial descriptions are simply illustrative of the landscapes of the country or countries you will visit.


13.1. During the trip
You are obliged to inform Belizean Travel of any non-conformity found during the performance of the travel services by immediately contacting our emergency number, the details of which can be found on your sales contract or the contacts listed on your travel documents. Failure to report a non-conformity on the spot may affect the amount of any damages or price reduction due if reporting without delay could have prevented or reduced the traveler’s damage.

13.2. After your trip
Travelers may send any complaint with supporting documents in writing to Belizean Travel – Angel Coral Street, San Pedro – Ambergris Caye – BELIZE – By e-mail to the following address:
If you do not receive a satisfactory response within 60 days, you may refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Ombudsman: Belize Tourism Board – Regent St, Belize City – +501 227 2420



The combination of travel services offered to you is a package within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 and Article L.211-2 II of the Tourism Code.
You will therefore benefit from all the rights granted by the European Union applicable to packages, as transposed in the Tourism Code. Belizean Travel will be fully responsible for the proper execution of the package as a whole. In addition, as required by law, Belizean Travel has protection to refund your payments and, if transportation is included in the package, to ensure your repatriation in the event that it becomes insolvent.
Travelers will be provided with all essential information about the package prior to entering into the package travel contract. Both the organizer and the retailer are responsible for the proper execution of all travel services included in the contract. Travelers are provided with an emergency phone number or contact information to reach the organizer or retailer. Travelers may transfer their package to another person, with reasonable notice and possibly subject to an additional fee. The price of the package may only be increased if specific costs increase (e.g. fuel prices) and if this possibility is explicitly provided for in the contract, and may in any case not be changed less than twenty days before the start of the package. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the package price, the traveler may withdraw from the contract. If the Tour Operator reserves the right to increase the price, the traveler is entitled to a price reduction in the event of a decrease in the corresponding costs. The traveler can cancel the contract without paying any cancellation fee and be fully refunded the payments made if any of the essential elements of the package, the traveler can cancel the contract. If the organizer reserves the right to increase the price, the traveler is entitled to a price reduction in the event of a decrease in the corresponding costs. Travelers may cancel the contract without paying cancellation fees and receive a full refund of payments made if any of the essential elements of the package, other than the price, undergo a significant change. If, prior to the commencement of the package, the Package Professional cancels the package, travelers may obtain a refund and compensation, if applicable. Travelers may cancel the contract without paying a cancellation fee prior to the start of the package in the event of exceptional circumstances, for example, if there are serious safety issues at the destination that may affect the package. In addition, travelers may cancel the contract at any time prior to the start of the package upon payment of an appropriate and justifiable cancellation fee. If, after the start of the package, important elements of the package cannot be provided as planned, appropriate alternative services must be offered to the travelers at no extra cost. Travelers may withdraw from the contract without paying a withdrawal fee if the services are not performed in accordance with the contract, if this significantly disrupts the execution of the package and if the organizer does not remedy the problem. Travelers are also entitled to a price reduction and/or compensation in case of non-performance or improper performance of travel services. The organizer or retailer must provide assistance if the traveler is in difficulty. If the organizer or retailer becomes insolvent, the amounts paid will be refunded. If the organizer or retailer becomes insolvent after the start of the package and if transportation is included in the package, the repatriation of the travelers is guaranteed.

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