Visit of archaeological Sites of Cahal Pech & Xunantunich

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The archaeological site of Cahal Pech, an ancient Mayan city perched on a hill, offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valley.

As you explore this fascinating site, you'll be immersed in the history of the Mayan civilization. You can admire the well-preserved ruins, which date back to the classical period of Mayan civilization, between 200 and 900 AD.

Xunantunich, another major site, boasts the most famous El Castillo pyramid temple, one of the highest structures in the ancient Maya world, offering a breathtaking view. Archaeological excavations have revealed royal tombs and precious artifacts, testifying to the status of the Mayan elite who resided here. To reach it, you'll have to cross the Mopan River aboard a 19th-century ferry still operated by hand crank.

Whether you're an archaeology enthusiast, a history buff or simply curious to discover new horizons, these tours will immerse you in the culture and history of this fascinating civilization.

Departure from San Ignacio: 9 am / pick up at the resort -Round-trip
Departure from Belize City: 8:30 am / pick up at the ferry from belize city -Round-trip
Departure from San PEDRO: 7am / transfer to the ferry by yourself / you will pick up your tickets at the ferry counter / pick up at the ferry from belize city to San Ignacio -Round-trip
Departure from Caye Caulker : 7:30am / transfer to the ferry by yourserlf / you will pick up your tickets at the ferry counter / pick up at the ferry from belize city to San Ignacio -Round-trip
Minimum # of persons: 2
Included: lunch, entrance to the sites, guide, land & sea transport from San Pedro or Caye Caulker
Bring: walking shoe, T-shirt, mosquito repellent, hat, sunscreen
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