Birdwatching at Elijio Panti, cave & waterfalls

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You’ll go on an all-day excursion to one of the most revered national parks in the world, named after local spiritual healer Elijio Panti, dedicated to the indigenous Maya people who disappeared from the earth centuries ago.

Panti died at the age of 103 in 1996, but his spirit lives on. This park is a hiker's dream, with lush jungles, rivers, streams, medicinal plants and trails. The Maya coveted all these treasures and created a society on the lands of today's Panti National Park, which remain as exquisite and primitive as they were thousands of years ago.
Get ready to put on your explorer's hat, and enjoy activities such as cave descents, birdwatching, and hiking. You're in for an adventure of the highest order. You'll be treated to a delightful symphony composed and performed by the birds, and if you're lucky, you'll get to see jaguars and other creatures that call Panti National Park home.

Departure from San Ignacio: 8am -4pm / pick up at the resort -Round-trip

Included: lunch, entrance to the reserve, guide, ground transport
Bring: comfortable shoes, light pants, T-shirt, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, water
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