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Belizean Travel is a local travel agency established in Belize on Ambergris Caye island. We have an in-depth knowledge of the destination, we control our circuits from A to Z without any intermediaries, offering you a possibility to create a totally customized trip in Belize around your personal needs and wants, with quality services, for a controlled cost.

We have created for you a panel of suggested itineraries filled with conviviality, authenticity and exchanges that will leave each one of our travelers with endless memories. They were designed to offer you a trip in Belize that is the closest to the local population and will take you on an adventure to encounter the richness of the wildlife and the flora, as well as magnificent landscapes. With the Caribbean coast, the Mayan mountains, the tropical jungle and the archaeological sites, Belize offers a lot of possibilities to escape and have a change of scenery.

All our circuits are customizable! Ask us for a quote (free, no obligation attached) for a customized circuit in Belize. Whatever your plans are, we will do everything to ensure your journey in Belize will be unforgettable.


Get inspiration from our circuit ideas in Belize and don’t hesitate to consult with us so we can build together a journey that is like you.

From Mayan Treasures to the Cayes

A tour focused on nature and relaxation for everyone wishing to discover both the lush and green nature and the treasures of the country, as well as enjoy the azure sea and rest. Sports activities and (…)

8 Days / 7 Nights               From 2340 €/pers

Family Escapade

Enjoy various activities and sites to discover with your family in the green heart of Belize and its Caribbean blue coast. A journey designed to get the best out of the gem of the Caribbean, with spectacular landscapes, visits of (…)

11 Days / 10 Nights           From 2400 €/pers

From Fauna to Flora

If you are a nature lover, this circuit will lead you to discovering the best-preserved nature reserves and seeing widely unknown animals and plants. From the Mayan pyramids of Caracol to the ruins of Xunantunich (…)

10 Days / 9 Nights             From 2785 €/pers

Discovering the Must-Sees

Let yourself be inspired by the Must-Sees in Belize! A fantastic journey that will allow you to wander through the various lush green nature reserves and explore the fabulous, preserved Mayan remnants. (…)

12 Days /11 Nights             From 2900 €/pers

Belize from North to South

A complete immersion off the road that will make you discover Belize from all angles… A circuit that starts in the North at the heart of lush greenery, near tropical birds and remarkable sites (…)

12 Days/11 Nights              From 2695 €/pers

Honeymoon in Belize

Fly away for a romantic stay at the heart of the gem of the Caribbean. An intimate lovers’ escapade full of charm and combining adventure and relaxation. A diverse mosaic composed of natural sites and (…)

9 Days/8 Nights                 From 2476 €/pers

From nature reserves to Mayan remnants

Head to Belize for a tour far away from the great classics where nature rules over everything. You will discover the many faces of Belize by going from nature reserves to Mayan remnants. (…)

10 Days /9 Nights              From 2758 €/pers

Belize by the Sea

Characterized by feelings of wonder and relaxation, this seaside tour invites you to let go and rest with shallow turquoise waters and the rhythm of slow living in the isles. (…)

8 Jours /7 Nuits      A partir de 2400 €/pers

Fancy discovering Belize?

Lovers of history, wanting to be immersed in rich and welcoming local cultures, wanting to dive in the reefs of the second largest coral reef in the world, adept at lazing around, animal lovers?

Then, BELIZE is definitly for you !